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Brother HVAC LLC.

Ping-Jung Huang – Owner


Ping-Jung Huang is a Certified NATE Technician.

We offer the following services.  No pricing is offered on the web site.  Estimates will be given for each job.

Air Conditioning – We can perform any type of Air Conditioning maintenance.  We can also replace existing Air Conditioning units with new units.  We will make recommendations that will also help you save energy and help the planet.

Gas Furnace – We can perform any type of Gas Furnace maintenance.  We can also replace an existing Gas Furnace with a new unit.  We will also make recommendations that will help you save energy and help save the planet.

Water Heater – We can replace or install water heaters.  We can install water heater wraps that will help save energy by allowing your water to stay hotter longer using less gas.

Water Softener – In most areas around Denver, there is an abundance of hard water.  A water softener is often necessary.  We can install water softener for your home.

Many other household items can also be performed: